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Taichi Session On Sundeck

Rejuvenate yourself in preparation for a busy day of exploration with a Tai Chi class on board The Au Co Cruise. While Tai Chi originated in China, the lessons introduced on board are basic and have been simplified so that everyone can follow. Our Tai Chi trainer will guide you through each part of the lesson. Tai Chi exercise is a gentle way to release stress and fatigue. This particular martial art can also improve strength and flexibility. Fresh air from the bay combined with soothing traditional Vietnamese music will help you to achieve total relaxation. 

Time and Location
The Tai Chi lesson starts at 6:15 am.

It could be early for some guests but you will not regret getting up. The Au Co's spacious sundeck is the ideal place for this activity. In the event of bad weather, the Tai Chi lesson will be organised in restaurant. As the Au Co Luxury Cruise has a 3 day itinerary, if you miss the class, you will have another chance to participate on the second day.


  • You should either go barefoot or wear a comfortable pair of soft shoes.
  • This will make it easier to do the movements. Don’t focus solely on movement.
  • Try to harmonise your breathing and movement. 
  • Breakfast will be ready after the Tai Chi class finishes.