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Relax on Secluded Beach

Halong Bay Pristine & Secluded Beach
Together with kayaking, swimming is another activity on the must-do list. There are certain areas that allow swimming in the bay where the water is not too deep. The water is a nice temperature, cool in the summer, and the emerald waters are perfect for swimming. If you look through the water, you can often see coral at the bottom. After swimming, you can choose a sandy beach to relax or sunbathe. Beaches in Halong are not as large as the ones along the coast but many small beaches stretching between the mountains offer magnificent views of the bay. In addition, guests can find their own private beach, with no one on sight, for a more secluded and idyllic experience. 

Time and Location
Guest can enjoy swimming and beach activities in the afternoon of the second day. 

Remember to warm up properly before swimming.
Please don’t swim away from the designated areas. Within these areas, we have staff watching over the guests who are prepared in case of emergency. You don’t need to prepare towels or bottled water. The Au Co cruise will prepare these for you.